Helicopter flight helmet H-CMB

Flight helmet for civilian and military use

The H-CMB helmet is unique. Why choose it:


Innovative design

Beautiful to see, because the eye also wants its part.


Maximum comfort

Ultralight, because it is made with composite and balanced materials, able to guarantee a homogeneous weight distribution on the head.


Versatile because modular

The main feature is the modularity of its components, which can be chosen according to the operational needs.

This latter feature, covered by international patents, makes the H-CMB helmet the only one in the world to have a modular cover that can become ballistic, thanks to a quick and intuitive replacement system of the top cover.

Modular cover

Replacement is carried out by removing/applying the three screws that fix the cover to the basic cap and removing/applying the two aluminium plates that control the visors, an operation that is extremely simple as the visors and the relative rotation mechanism remain assembled and anchored to the basic cap.

A single helmet can perform many functions in this way, because with the ballistic cover applied it offers a ballistic protection level V50-300m/s to the fragment, according to STANAG 2920 standard (type I component).

Main features:

  • modular cover, ballistic if needed;
  • double adjustable visors;
  • ANVIS mount support;
  • maxillo face shield;
  • mic /rec predisposition via 3.5 ” jack;
  • amodular communication system;
  • low profile mask compatible with ANVIS.

All the products in the H-CM line have a common logistic line for spare parts and accessories to reduce maintenance and managing costs.


Italian Pat.: n.0001420364 del 12/01/2016 ; PCT Appl.: n. PCT/IB2014/002098 ; U.S. Pat.: n. US20150101093 - 04/16/2015
EU Design: n. 002286229.0001 - n. 002286229.002 - n. 002286229.0003 del 02/08/13

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Download technical data sheet (file .pdf - dimension 5 Mb)


  • Basic cover + light cover with components and visors (communication kit included): 1380 gr. + / – 50;
  • Basic cover + ballistic cover with components and visors (communication kit included): 1730 gr. + / – 50.


  • From XS – extra small, cm. 53/54;
  • To XL – extra large, cm. 61/62.
  • Safety, simplicity and innovation in the world of helicopter helmets


    Our CMB helmets are available in different colors to satisfy all of our customers

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